Mr. Emmanuel C. Njoku

Regional Manager, B Medical Systems S.a r.l.

Since 2013, Emma Njoku has been working with B Medical Systems as a Regional Manager in charge of vaccine cold chain for Nigeria and now Ethiopia. In this capacity, he advised the Nigerian and Ethiopian governments on routine immunization ensuring no child is left behind in line with the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

B Medical Systems helps governments and other stakeholders guarantee the potency of vaccines even at the last mile, through the delivery of and training on the use of adequate cold chain equipment and associated logistical solicitors, crucial in preventing vaccine-preventable diseases, such as polio, meningitis and measles.
B Medical Systems provides equipment particularly suited for hard-to-reach areas with unreliable power supplies. Governments and other parties involved in vaccine delivery can take full ownership of their cold-chain assets through remote temperature monitoring systems linked to vaccine storage equipment ensuring the integrity of vaccine stocks irrespective of their location.
By replacing old cold-chain solutions with Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators, governments can also reduce carbon footprints while simultaneously providing sustainable vaccine cold-chain solutions across their territories.

Emma is also the Chairman of the Emma Njoku Foundation, an NGO striving to provide healthcare and education for all children in Africa.

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The role of digital solutions in health to advance the New Public Health Order - Part B- data sharing and informatics.

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