Mr. Brian O’ Connor


Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Brian developed his career as a consultant, manager and investor. He has worked in the UK, US and Hong Kong and has significant experience as a company director in a variety of industries.

He has acted as a Corporate Recovery Advisor to companies, who have had financial, regulatory or strategic challenges, he enjoys taking on what are described as “hopeless cases” and proving the doubters wrong.
He is currently concentrating on the opportunities in the health and care sector, especially when it involves Digital Health Solutions and often acts is an investor, board director in companies to assist on strategy, fundraising etc.

Around ten years ago, he created, with others, the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), as a collaborative way of breaking down the many silos that hold back innovation and better healthcare for citizens.
ECHAlliance, a not-for-profit organisation connects Governments, Industry, Research Institutions, Health Services, Patient Groups etc through a Global Network of Ecosystems.

Brian dedicates a considerable amount of his time to connecting people and organisations, who should already know each other.
In recent years, partly driven by the needs and learnings from the Covid-19 Pandemic, he also now leads the Global Health Connector Partnership (GHCP) which connects existing organisations to accelerate positive change globally.

The GHCP brings together like minded individuals and organisations, working together in a trusting, respectful and non-bureaucratic partnership and is having a powerful impact globally.

All Sessions by Mr. Brian O’ Connor

2:00 pm - 3:20 pm

The role of digital health in advancing the New Public Health Order- Part A- health services

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